'Big Skies' Nordic Walking


P1020918Jill recently completed her training to be a Nordic Walking Instructor with Nordic Walking UK.  This will enable Jill to take small groups for Nordic Walks on the Isle of Axholme; (known for its 'Big Skies'!) this will complement perfectly the Pilates exercises done in her classes.

Nordic Walking is an enhancement of ordinary walking, i.e. something we can ALL do!  The use of the poles adds two major benefits:

  • The upper body muscles are being used as well as the legs.
  • The poles help to propel the walker along – this means that he/she works harder than usual yet the support given by the poles makes it feel easier!

Nordic Walking is one of the fastest growing fitness activities in the world and is used by personal trainers, health clubs, physiotherapists, doctors and health promoters because it is so highly effective and FUN!

Nordic Walking is a specific fitness technique which must be learnt correctly if the participant is to gain the most from the activity, and with Jill's Pilates training she will be able to integrate her Pilates in to the Nordic Walks to make it a truly effective and safe workout for all.


Did you know  that Nordic Walking, when done correctly uses 90% of the muscles of your upper and lower body?

Nordic Walking is very effective at conditioning the abdominal muscles that provide core stability.  It is an ideal way to take Pilates outside!

The best footwear for Nordic Walking is a pair of comfy old trainers. Waterproof socks are the perfect accompaniment in wet conditions.